Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There is Nothing Better than God!

If your waiting for something better to come along, there is nothing better than God. You can either have God's perfect will or his permissible will, the choice is yours. God desires for you to have his best. The perfect will of God in your relationship.

It is best to have a relationship that is governed by God and perfectly planned, by God. In God's infinite wisdom he crafts a relationship that is designed to be perfectly fitted. Having a marriage relationship that is ordained by God is a Gift.

If you wait and seek the Lord you can have his perfect will. If you are in a hurry and try to rush love you will have his permissible will. Everything worth waiting for takes time to develop into something awesome. The question is, do you want the perfect will of God, or the permissible will of God?

Copyright 2009 Candace Chambers-Belida

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nothing but the Real Thing!

Counterfeit Love the False Love

There is nothing more devastating then to find out that what you thought was the real thing is not the real thing. Things don't always appear to be what they look like. Many people have ventured out to the other side of the fence thinking that the grass was greener on the other side. Only to find that what they believed to be excitement, and rapturous love, turned out to be pain, heartache and sorrow. Why?

Because it wasn't real, forsaking their significant other, children, jobs and much more on a fantasy. Something that appeared so real, that you would give up everything for it. And in the end to find out that its like fools gold pretty on the outside -nothing on the inside. I liken it to cotton candy, sweet to the taste, but has no substance. Funny thing about fantasies is that a fantasy cannot live up to reality. The fantasy is always more colorful, and something that can't be truly obtained. So many people run after their fantasy and then when they get there they find out that it falls short of their expectations.

Reality cannot live up to Fantasy, it dwells in the realm of imagination and delusionment. It is a place in the mind where dreams hide. Governed by wishful thinking. Now I know you all know what I'm talking about. We have all been there, coveting something that is hidden in the heart and mind. Falling for that moment of sheer pleasure only to find in the end that it is empty lust and once there, it is real hard to get out- without being burned.

The seducing spirit has captured the soul and has chosen to have its own way, and when it's done, you're left broken, despired and alone. You've traded everything for it. That wink of the eye, that soothing tender voice, that all together lovely fragrance, the thrill of the moment, took away your essence of reality and sensibility.

Its best to not stray to the other side, but stay where you are, there's nothing like the real thing!

Copyright 2009 Candace Chambers-Belida

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Beloved

I watched a movie, a while back, If Only-(starring Jennifer Love Hewitt) which I must say was one of the most fantastic movies I had ever seen, in simplicity it was about a woman that fell in love with a man, that she wanted to love her righteously. He stated that he adored her, funny she didn't want to be just merely adored but loved. He found the secrets of this type of love later in the movie- (A must see).

Being adored is wonderful and awesome and has its place, but being loved is far greater. The depth of love that one desires is that love that is like a burning flame. I believe that God sets are hearts on flame for each other, giving us an insatiable desire and passion to not only love fully and completely, but with out reservation. It's the love and flame that even the ocean waters can't quench. But the most profound element of this type of love is that it's real and lasting and of true heart, of true value to be treasured and prized. Becoming the Beloved.

Its when you love the other person not only enough to give your all, but to deny yourself. Its a selfless type of love. When two people connect with this type of love a true meshing takes place. You can't distinguished the two. Because you truly become one flesh. This is why when this meshing occurs that when you lose someone, either through death, or divorce, there is a ripping- a tearing, that takes a part of you, because you were meshed into one. The two became one flesh.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places!

I'm amazed at how many people are looking for love, and they seem to wander to and fro looking for that significant other, whether its the Internet (online-dating) or at a bar or even the friendly hook-up from friends. People seem to be searching everywhere for love as if love seemed lost. First of all, I don't think that love is lost. I for sure don't think that you need to be a bounty hunter either looking for love.

I feel that most people miss true love when it comes along because they seem to have their eyes ever searching elsewhere. Love sometimes comes along so silently like a whisper, no bells, no whistles, just a quiet easiness that just seems to just creep in. Sometimes its just like a warm spring rain gently falling. Just easy, no complications, no hitches, no problems, no drama.

To expound on this a little further, when love comes along its so real that we mistaken its true identity, because we have heard the romantic stories of how love should be, the knight coming on the white horse rescuing the damsel in distress. We all have heard the story and so we run wildly and quickly to embrace this moment of euphoria, to only later find out that what we were running after was a phantom ghost.

I feel that most people want the quick fix, like the quick dinners and the quick thrills. Anything worth having is worth waiting for and worth working for. In desperation and the hope of not being forever loveless, we rush without hesitation and reservation into relationships that are neither satisfying or ordained. Oh yes, I must add God to the equation, because he is the only true substance that can keeps the bonds of matrimony truly together in a world like this, when commitment seems to be a byword.

How about (you) seeking in a place, that makes you feel the most comfortable, that place that seems to be ideally your sanctuary, that place you find joy and peace? More and likely, there is a significant person that seems to also dwelling with you in that place, a friend- yeah I know she or he is just a friend or just a buddy, but we have a great friendship and we do everything together.

More and likely that friend that is right up under your nose that seems to share your hearts passion and desires is probably the one that has a real heart for you, and a real heart of love.

Besides what could be better than marrying your best friend that turns into being your best lover too! Oh my....
Copyright 2009 Candace Chambers-Belida