Monday, April 27, 2009

If I Fall for You will you Catch Me?

Love has everything to do with it!

We all know that falling in love is risky, it's a chance though we are all willing to take, Right?

This mysterious thing about falling in love, that gives all of us this reckless abandon feeling, compels us to rush into the arms of opportunity to fall in love--blindly, quickly and without hesitation or reservation, so why is that?

Easy answer, because it feels so darn good. In simple terms, it's what we're born to do.

To love, to give love, to receive love, to want love --is what we do. There is nothing hard about figuring this one out. The very core of our being and nature desires love and wants love and needs love. We search high and low for the chance to have eternal bliss and happiness, which was birthed in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.
Think about how exciting that must of been, to be in the garden of love as well as to be able to have complete trust, love and faithfulness with someone.

We must agree that something magical and majestic was going on between this connection that Adam and Eve had. Not only were they perfectly fitted for one another, but they also seem to compliment one another.This marital bliss was wonderfully crafted Until...that old serpent and his devious devise to interrupt their marital bliss was infiltrated, the end results --were unbelievable chaos and havoc.

That union, and divine covenant split in two and that oneness that was so beautifully joined was now broken and disjointed. So since then man has been trying to come back to that original place of perfect harmony and union, to fall back again into an exuberance of love and marriage. So do you think it's possible to have this kind of love and commitment today, despite the unfortunate trend of divorce? Absolutely!

Look I know if you fall in love today- fall for that special someone, there is no guarantee that the one you fall for is going to catch you or even fall for you. You may find yourself picking yourself up off the floor as you blindly slip into what you thought was eternal bliss, only to find yourself in the secret place of oblivion or the deepest coma. Where did the love go you ask? So despite the odds that 3 out of 5 relationships end in divorce is there still hope for us (hopeless romantics) that still believe in love and marriage? Absolutely!

What happened to the spirit of commitment and fidelity and love and honor? What happen to marital bliss and harmony and communication? Have we this day and age thrown out all of our heart values to the curb and to the wayside? This is what we are going to explore in this blog site. I believe in Love and the crazy sensation of it all. The euphoric feeling of ecstasy with that first kiss that gives the Goo-Goo-Ga Ga's and the Warm Fuzzies. And if you too believe in faithfulness, love and commitment than this blog is for You.......
Crazy Love!
Copyright 2009 Candace Chambers-Belida