Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Beloved

I watched a movie, a while back, If Only-(starring Jennifer Love Hewitt) which I must say was one of the most fantastic movies I had ever seen, in simplicity it was about a woman that fell in love with a man, that she wanted to love her righteously. He stated that he adored her, funny she didn't want to be just merely adored but loved. He found the secrets of this type of love later in the movie- (A must see).

Being adored is wonderful and awesome and has its place, but being loved is far greater. The depth of love that one desires is that love that is like a burning flame. I believe that God sets are hearts on flame for each other, giving us an insatiable desire and passion to not only love fully and completely, but with out reservation. It's the love and flame that even the ocean waters can't quench. But the most profound element of this type of love is that it's real and lasting and of true heart, of true value to be treasured and prized. Becoming the Beloved.

Its when you love the other person not only enough to give your all, but to deny yourself. Its a selfless type of love. When two people connect with this type of love a true meshing takes place. You can't distinguished the two. Because you truly become one flesh. This is why when this meshing occurs that when you lose someone, either through death, or divorce, there is a ripping- a tearing, that takes a part of you, because you were meshed into one. The two became one flesh.