Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Ultimate Connection

The most intense and ultimate connection two people can have is when their souls connect. When two people who have never touched, never kissed, but seem to have the most intimate meshing of the soul. Heart to Heart-Soul to Soul.

I believe that there is a spiritual connection that goes beyond the flesh. Some people never get to have that experience because they are too focused on having the (physical only) connection and that's all that they get. However a spiritual connection, is boundless. It reaches to the intense soul of man. When someone says that a person is my soul mate, it is not just a reference to destiny, but a reference that some how the two people connected in such a way, that it is not only beyond understanding, but there is no reference point for it. It surpasses anything you can possibly imagine.

People that live across the world in other places have been known to make a connection, so real, so powerful and intense, that it almost felt like magic, defying logic. There is an intense sense of comfort and ease, as if you've known the person your entire life.

I believe that in love, the meshing of two souls comes a profound reality. Just as the universe is massive and huge, the plan of God in connecting partners for life is as well. When we don't rush love, and seek for those things that are only immediate, we may embrace something that is masterfully done by God's ordinance.
For whatever the reason or cause, people don't just happened into our life. It is important to find out their true purpose and reason for touching our lives, whether they are there for a moment or there to stay.

Something to ponder, how can a finite man, understand the mysteries and mind of an infinite God.

Copyright 2010 Candace Chambers-Belida Photo Unknown

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