Monday, August 30, 2010

The Keys and Simplicity of Love!

Love was never meant to be complicated. Love is suppose to be when two hearts give themselves to each other without reservation and hesitation. It's when the love between two people ignites passion, climbs mountains, swims the longest sea, and stands for each other without ever wavering no matter what.

Today most people are either with the one they love or the one that loves them. Missing seems to be an even exchange of love. Why is that? Why are we with a person that may fit us in every area of our life, but not fit with us - in the heart? Why do we settle ourselves in situations and relationships where we don't feel complete? You know the scene in Jerry McGuire, "You complete me."

How can we settle into a relationship, that offers security, comforts, and maybe even sexual gratification but yet there is no real love or trust? Is it simply because its easier? Ponder this: Haven't we fallen short here in the area of marriage and relationships to compromise such a valuable thing? Love and Marriage is the finest thing in life that we will ever truly receive. So why should we accept part of the commitment of love, without true love being present?

Isn't being in love such an important issue in life that we should consider its steps wisely? When you love someone, you are willing to have reckless abandon. You are willing to free-fall into the arms of the other, knowing without a doubt that the person on the other end will catch you.
I have come to find out that love means a lot of different things to people. For some, love is a house, or a new car. For some it's a warm body next to them every night. For some its being together in a free relationship without any true vows of love or commitment, there are no restrictions nor boundaries.

But for those that have found the key to unlock this mystery, have found that love is the most formidable force to be reckoned with on the face of the earth.

It is a burning fire of sensation that hits to the core of the soul of man. It is unstoppable and unquenchable. It consumes every fiber of ones mind, soul and heart. It is filled with the sweetest sensation that can fall upon the human soul satisfying its intermost cravings.

Finding the right mate, at the right time, is the greatest thing that you can accomplish on this earth, not only does it satisfy the rapaciousness and thirst of the longings of the heart, but to partner with someone that fits perfectly with you in every area is to overflow the heart with true joy and amorous love.

When you are in true love, you get lost within one another. There is no place you'd rather be.

Copyright 2010 Candace Chambers-Belida

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