Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well when we turn to the good old dictionary and look up the word slather, I must say that it is one of the most sensational words that can grace the human lips. So lets explore more about this word Slather:

tr.v. slath·ered, slath·er·ing, slath·ers Informal
1. To use or give great amounts of; lavish: slathered gifts and attention on their only child. 2. a. To spread thickly: slather onions on the steak. b. To cover with something spread thickly: bagels slathered with cream cheese. n. Slang A great amount. Often used in the plural: slathers of jewels.

Interesting enough, it means to pour on, to literally smother with. Now bear with me, this is not a boring English lesson in school, but rather a principle that if you can adapt this into your every day life. You will find life changing experiences.

Imagine creamy luscious butter slathered on pancakes, or even a hot juicy steak, slathered with grilled mushrooms and onions in a Pinot Griegio wine sauce. Now if this doesn't make your taste buds dance, think then about a bowl full of rocky road ice cream, slathered in whip cream, cherries and drizzled with hot chocolate syrup. Now that I truly have gotten your attention, if we can get so excited about the slathering of food. Why can't we get just as excited about the slathering of Love?

Why can't couples take the time, to become- Slather-licious with one another. Instead of sitting on the couch, flicking the remote control, or picking your toes or nails-"Get slather-licious" with one another. Relationships, marriage is the greatest ecstasy and enjoyment that we can have on this earth. Couples today, don't take the time to slather one another with compliments, care or even love.

They slather more butter on their toast, soap on their cars, than on their significant other. Now creating this atmosphere for love is extremely important, but most importantly than atmosphere is that two people need to slather each other with affection, kisses, friendship, and ultimately crazy love. Become what the other person needs, not just what you think they need.

This oneness has to grow and be increased, if you lessen it, it is like having a great pizza with out the cheese, bread with out the butter, a great dress with out the pearls, and the beach without sand. No one wants less than what they started out having in the beginning. The goo-goo ga-ga's.

So by all means you have my permission to slather one another endlessly, so that your relationship oozes out with amorous love. So put on the music, make the time and remember slathering each other is like spiritual glue that sticks the relationship together.

Take the time from this point on, to become Slathery, Slathered, and Slather-licious. To slather or not to slather, that is the question?

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