Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Broken Love - If its Broken- Fix It!

It seems like everyone wants to have the right intimate relationship, but no one wants to do the work that is necessary to maintain this type of relationship. Just as a house needs on going maintenance, painting, plumbing, etc. a relationship needs the same.
If two people when they connected were perfect people, then the need for this continuous up keep would of course be unnecessary. Unfortunately, there are no perfect people that are living on the planet since the beginning of time. Even Adam and Eve, had their moment of failure and breakdown. Imagine what would of happened, if Adam had stormed out of the Garden, that would have been disastrous, but leaving Eve stuck all alone with the beguiling serpent, would have been even more disastrous.

If God had not intervened in this covenanted relationship, despite the breakdown and the hurt, the ultimate outcome would of been no more you or me. Procreation would of never gotten off the ground.

If you look at it, as they came together submitting to one another, helping one another, and ultimately, remembering their first love that they had for each other, the relationship was rekindled into something beautiful, that is still lasting throughout the centuries of time.

Women are looking for Sugar Daddies, and men are looking for Barbie Dolls...What is wrong with this picture. Love is thrown out the window, and the only thing that seems to be satisfied is Self. There's self absorption, and no self-denial. You want the trinkets, but not the commitment, you want to eat all the desserts but not endure the hard times but only the good times in the relationships.

Couples are playing the roulette game. Almost to the point of risking it all. Everyone is demanding attention without willing to offer any love and affection. Sleeping in separate rooms, holding on to sex as if you had won the lottery ticket, that's all your own. Your body is not your own, it was given to the other when you said "I Do," not "I Don't." Little do couples know that when you deny your partner- you are opening a dangerous door. Loving your mate, should be a given, it should be something not that you are force to do, or something that should appear as a job, or a chore or even a bore. It should be the most intensified expression of your love for one another.

Granted, now today- you can find a significant other any where, any how. There are a billion people on the planet, (thanks to Adam and Eve-sticking it out) and surely you can find a replacement at the drop of a hat. This is well understood and noted. But this is not the issue.

Finding your soul mate, finding the love of your life is indeed like winning the Mega-Lottery. It's the hidden treasure that was lost and found, it is the most important thing in life that you will ever possess.
The one person in life- that feels you, connects with you- and fits every nook and cranny of your being. This is too awesome to forfeit or overlook. Why settle for second best when you can have the best?

So stop, put the tool belt on, and just throw some love, affection, tenderness and forgiveness on that broken love- just like you throw paint on a wall.

Copyright © 2010 Candace Chambers-Belida
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